Ghods Niroo Engineering Co. (GNEC)

Ghods Niroo Engineering Company (GNEC), founded in 1975, is one of the most continually operating engineering firms in Iran. GNEC is the engineering and project management organization with the complete range of expertise to play role as designer, architect, engineer, consultant and manager in power, water, building, oil & gas, environment and energy management projects. By more than 42 years of experience, GNEC proved to be the most successful and known company in power generation, transmission and distribution projects. GNEC achieved this success since we believe in integrity and experience of our staff. We are trusted since we realize the customer’s satisfaction as our primary goal. GNEC Experiences:

Ghods Niroo Engineering Company has already provided following services:

  •  More than 25,000 km of power transmission lines
  •  More than 450 power substations from 63 to 400 kV
  •  More than 40,000 MW power plants
  •  More than 100 projects in the field of dams, water transmission lines, irrigation, drainage and buildings
  •  More than 2000 km of gas transmission lines and several fuel storage tanks
  •   More than 30 energy projects including renewable energy plants and energy management

GNEC Services:

  •   Engineering consultancy
  •  Surveys and studies
  •  Tender documents and process preparation
  •  Site supervision
  •  Managing of contract
  •   Designing
  •  Engineering, procurement and construction
  •  Financing

Comar Sanat

Comar Sanat Ltd. started his activities in Iran market since 1987. This company initially started his work in the fields of design, supply, construction and installation of water and wastewater treatment equipment, and expanded its activities based on the experiences gained along the way.

The Company's Activities:

  •  Provision of technical and engineering services in the fields of water treatment designing water and wastewater and water desalting;
  •  Provision of technical and engineering services in Petroleum, Gas, Petrochemical and Power industries & projects in the fields of constructing reserving tanks, pressure tanks, steel structure, heat converters, piping, cathodic protection systems, earthing protection, firefighting , lighting, etc.
  •  Provision and supply of goods for various projects
  •  Cooperating with foreign companies, and assisting better implementation of projects in relation to Iranian subcontractors in charge of implementation of projects. These Companies are as follows: Sidem (France), Sices (Italy),  Air Liduide (France), Sideco (Italy), EuroSid (Germany),  Ansaldo Energia (Italy), SWS (Italy)

Tose Sazehaye Energy Khazar

Field of Activities:

Erection, commissioning, operation, repairing and maintains of oil, gas, power plant and other industries. Execution of water, oil and gas pipelines. Supplying spare parts , electrical and mechanical equipment , instrument and control parts for oil , gas and power plants , Designing , consulting , evaluating , technical supervision and implementing the installation and equipment of oil, gas and energy industries, trading activities with domestic and foreign companies , obtaining representation certificate from domestic and foreign companies.


Nowadays many trading companies are performing all around the word. Regardless of type and limits of their activities, they aren't interested to be involved in technical and engineering issues and most of them put their concentrations on purchase and sell. Procurement for industrial projects regardless of engineering and technical issues further to quality decrease, commonly encounters the customers with difficulties which leads them to loss and defects. AMAL Trading L.L.C with considering this point and having experienced engineers and experts with long experience in power plant, oil, gas and petrochemical projects and perfectly familiar with goods and equipments which is used in mentioned industries is promising to customers not to be concerned about raising problems derived from trading companies operation. Make sure with us in procurement and procurement services process.

Ghods Niroo Engineering Company has already provided following services:

  •  Country of Register: Dubai-UAE
  •  Main License No: 573169
  •  Register No: 76156
  •  Register Date: 10/09/2005

SCOPE OF SUPPLY AND SERVICES Founder of AMAL TRADING L.L.C has more than 30 years of experience in several projects in field of power plant, oil, gas and petrochemical plants. AMAL TRADING L.L.C services are concentrated on the procurement and procurement services. AMAL TRADING L.L.C is proud to be recognized as a preferred international procurement services provider and industrial plant equipments packager in the fields of:

  •   Power plants
  •  Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Plants
  •  Gas Compressor Stations
  •  Pipe Lines

AMAL TRADING L.L.C most important activities include but not limited to:

Wide range supply of Equipments and Material Technical and Commercial Proposal preparation for tenderer Technical and Commercial bid evaluation Procurement Services from vendor sourcing to delivery of goods to customers including all management, technical and commercial services. Procurement activities Practical process Design Qualification of manufacturers and procedures related to procurement activities.